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Targeting sexual and mental wellness through science-backed nutraceuticals and psychedelics.


CBD Oral Strips

Auralief oral strips are paper-thin and dissolve under the tongue to administer THC and CBD. These oral strips offer a discreet and user-friendly method of delivering the mental and physiological benefits of THC and CBD, making hemp-use accessible and approachable to all. The low profile nature of Auralief strips provides a comfortable and convenient user experience while improving sleep and giving temporary relief from pain, stress, and inflammation.


Arouse RX gel

Developed in one of the world’s leading bioscience laboratories, Bloom is a topical gel that increases vaginal blood circulation, creating vulvar and clitoral stimulation, lubrication, and heightened sensation. Bloom Arousal Gel is made for and tested by females—for both solo and partnered love—to aid and enhance sexual arousal.


Coming Soon

LOVE Pharma and our partners are currently developing a biosynthetic psilocybin-infused oral strip using our existing intellectual property developed for the mucoadhesive CBD strip.