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Auralief Oral Strips BLOOM Arousal Gel


Exclusive and patented

Targeting sexual and mental wellness through science-backed nutraceuticals and therapeutics.


Hemp-Based Oral Strips

Auralief is a patent pending, fast-acting, hemp-based oral strip that dissolves under the tongue. With effects in as little as 15 minutes, these paper-thin strips offer a user-friendly method of delivering the benefits of hemp to provide temporary relief from pain, anxiety, stress, and inflammation.

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Arouse RX gel

Developed in one of the world’s leading bioscience laboratories, BLOOM is a topical clitoral stimulation gel that enhances  blood circulation, improving lubrication and heightening sensations. Bloom Arousal Gel is made for and tested by females—for both solo and partnered love—to stimulate sexual arousal and increase speed-to-orgasm.

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LOVE Pharma and our partners are currently developing a biosynthetic therapeutic oral strip using our existing intellectual property developed for the mucoadhesive hemp-based strip.