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Value-Generating Platform

By creating products that customers desire, LOVE Pharma can produce significant value for shareholders.

Corporate Information

LOVE Pharma is a future-looking company in an ever-changing industry, offering innovative products through disruptive technologies that target mental and sexual health.

  • Significant near and mid-term growth catalysts – 7.2% CAGR over the next 10 years (nutraceuticals)
  • Investing in sustainable, long-term revenue with proven products, technologies, and established sales performance
  • Retail ready products for cross-channel promotion to include DTC, brick & mortar, MLM, closed networks, white labeling, and others
  • 6 exclusively licensed technologies
  • Experienced, long-term, drug and nutraceutical team
  • Domestic and international expansion

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Financial Statements

Please find the company's financial statements and management discussion and analysis at the issuers profile on SEDAR

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Baker Tilly

Transfer Agent

Odyssey Trust


Oct 2020

Signed initial licensing agreements for novel products

Feb 2020

Closed an initial $2,600,000 CAD in funding

Dec 2020

Signed exclusive licensing partnership with pharmaceutical company

April 2020

Filed patent in partnership with pharmaceutical company for the delivery of psilocybin in a psychedelic mucoadhesive strip

May 2021

Partnered with Potent Ventures to launch Bloom in the US market

Sept 2021

Listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange